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Yamina Benguigui Pictures And Bio

Yamina Benguigui 

Yamina Benguigui  is a French-Algerian film director. She is known for her films on gender issues in the North African immigrant community in France. 1994: Femmes d'Islam
1997: Mémoires d'immigrés, l'héritage maghrébin (Immigrant Memories) - Director
2001: Pimprenelle, in Pas d'histoires! (Don't Make Trouble!) - Director and writer
2001: Inch'Allah Dimanche (Inch'Allah Sunday) - Director and writer
2003: Aïcha, Mohamed, Chaïb… Engagés pour la France)
2004: Le Plafond de verre (The Glass Ceiling) - Director and writer
2006: Les Défricheurs - Director
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Yamina Benguigui Pictures And Bio

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