Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nail Art Designs 2011

Taking the form of nails, do not hesitate to take advantage of some very useful advice of a professional. whatever form you choose, make sure to it that she just decorated and lengthens your fingers, and did not have the reverse effect.
 This year, gaining popularity following items form nails - Bridget edzh and pipe. They pushed the already bored with oval, square and rounded.
Form of "Pipe" - (translated Pipe - tube), takes its origin from the harmonious combination of the two traditional forms - almond and square. Side faces are parallel to the nail plate, and the free edge has a bevel angle of 45 degrees. Pipe-shape is considered one of the most successful to meet the French manicure, or painting nails for wedding design.Simulate the nail plate by Pipe-shape with acrylic paste. Before that, the nails need to prepare accordingly. Once the cutter is secured to the tip of the nail, acrylic is applied in the right quantities, defined on the basis of the desired length of nail plate. Acrylic ball with special instruments to stretch the molds to the edge of the nail plate and give the freeze for some time. To simulate the reinforcement should be at a time until the acrylic has not stood still, gently squeeze the side faces of the nail plate with forceps or tweezers. Pipe-shape fits virtually any nails, making your fingers neat and stressing their elegance.

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