Thursday, September 8, 2011

IPhone 5

THE JOURNAL OF LUXURY SMARTPHONE shows you a preview that the iPhone 5 (successor to the iPhone 4 ) will not come out in June but in September 2011. The new iPhone will be the fifth version of the smartphone Apple has revolutionized the market for Smartphone !

IPhone 5 Release Story 

The iPhone will be sold in 5 September 2011

But it was not the case because for once Apple lost time: the iPhone was released in 4 June 2010 with many defects including the famous Antennagate. So the iPhone 4 White (promised at the beginning) has just been sold and that the four CDMA iPhone was launched in the US AT & T in 2011 only.
With all these failures, Apple could not start the production of the iPhone 5 in the second quarter of 2011.
However, according to news agency Reuters, the production of five iPhone should be launched by Apple during the month of July.
Production began in July would correspond to a commercial launch of the iPhone 5 in September 2011. As usual, Apple would create an artificial shortage of iPhone 5 stores delivering far fewersmartphones than demand. The stores then recommend very large amount and will be delivered just before Christmas to ensure a new huge commercial success.

The iPhone could be sold 5 September 7, 2011 (update of 24/06/2011)

According to the International Business Times, the release of the iPhone is scheduled for 5 September 7, 2011 after a formal presentation the previous day during the keynote normally dedicated to iPods ...
However, the success of the iPhone 5 is not fully guaranteed, as with competition fromsmartphones as successful as the Samsung S2 Galaxy , Apple can be certain of the success of the iPhone 5 ?

5 The iPhone will he the best smartphone in 2011?

The iPhon e is a revolutionary smartphone. With multi-touch and perfect ergonomics for multimedia use and a true mobile Internet access, the iPhone has revolutionized the market for smart phones yet invented by Nokia, which had never managed to detonate (Ed).
Each new model of iPhone marked a technological change more or less, and to distinguish themselves from the competition.
The very first iPhone , the iPhone EDGE is a smartphone Quad Band EDGE compatible.
The iPhone 3G is innovative in supporting the 3G via UMTS with HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, and features a GPS.
The iPhone 3G is innovating again with a video camera, higher resolution picture for its function (3.2 MP 2.0 MP and against an auto focus) and better performance (speed in which the S for "Speed" of iPhone 3G) 1 and includes a voice control and a compass. It supports the downloading of 3G data at 7.2 Mb / s HSDPA, but is still clamped to 384 kb / s, Apple has not implemented the protocol HSPA.
The iPhone 4 in turn has a screen resolution Retina optimal for a much longer battery life, an LED flash, a camera in front for FaceTime and a new design.
To distinguish themselves from the competition that challenges the superiority of the iPhone 4with Android smartphones or Windows 7 Phone upscale brand HTC , LG , Sony Ericsson andSamsung , as well as Blackberry and Nokia with their own OS , the 5 iPhone will necessarily mark a break. Without major innovation, the iPhone will be a commercial failure 5!
We already know that the iPhone 5 will receive a new interface , in particular allowing the NFC contact less payments.
5 But the iPhone could also have a photo / video sensor 10 Megapixels , a bigger screen, technology, recognition of the user's heart rate, and the integrated GPS navigation and free .... It would feature and very useful for differentiating iOS 5 , the OS of the iPhone 5 .

iOS 5, the new iPhone OS 5

To equip the new iPhone , a new OS will be used, it will be of 5 iOS also supposed to mark a major break in the fight against Android 3.0 , and Windows 7 Phone and Blackberry OS 6 !!

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